Specialists in Pediatric & Adolescent Health

Specialists in Pediatric & Adolescent Health is focused on improving access to specialized pediatric and adolescent care, including adolescent gynecology, adolescent medicine, audiology and behavioral and developmental health. 

We help address complex issues that many teens and young adults face and also assess and diagnose audiological, behavioral and developmental concerns in children of all ages. Some of the common conditions that our specialists evaluate include autism, ADHD, delayed speech, language or motor skills, depression and anxiety, eating disorders, learning disorders, substance abuse, teen pregnancy and contraception. 

Our specialists work alongside a patient’s general pediatrician or family physician – whether affiliated with Capstone Pediatrics or not – to create an individualized care plan based on best practices. Ultimately, we want patients to reach their full potential under the care of their regular physician with our support and guidance. 

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  • Developmental behavioral pediatrics

    Treating childhood developmental, behavioral and psychiatric illnesses.
  • Adolescent medicine and gynecology

    Evaluating medical and behavioral problems within the context of puberty.
  • Audiology

    Providing comprehensive testing and early intervention for children with hearing loss.